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Luna French
Pokémon Tower

An apple. Good enough. Luna thought, as she rested inside the Pokémon Tower. No one else was in the tower, so she didn't have to hide; it was sickening how some people just threw the dead people in here like they didn't matter. If you're wondering about the smell, Luna took care of it. She always refreshed the scent of the tower with her abilities.

Luna breathed slowly, as her form began to change. A blue mushroom cap grew on top of her red hair, as she felt her tail grow out on her tailbone. Also, she felt her red nail-polished fingernails grow to a sharp point. She felt her senses get heightened, and her agility increase.

"You seem a bit stressed. Why not just knock out a few guys in Nicholas' empire to make yourself feel better?" Spora commented on Luna's mood. Luna sighed, as she thought for a minute before answering her PokéSpirit.

"I'm not sure. I could get caught, and I'd have to deal with Nicholas," Luna answered the blue Breloom within her. Spora shook her head. It wasn't like Luna to worry about things like "getting caught."

"Oh, come on! You've only been stealing minor things right now from Solaceon! Don't you want a thrill?" Spora protested. Luna thought about it for a moment; it would be fun to try and mess with Nicholas' "perfect utopia," and have him wanting to claw at her throat. Luna decided to go into Children's City, in order to steal some stuff, and maybe do some damage. Her craving for action and injury was too great to ignore, and Spora was completely supporting of this action.

Luna got up, and dusted off her blue dress. As her boots clicked with every step, she descended the tower onto the entrance level, and opened the doors. The ray of light shone, as Luna closed her eyes, trying to adjust to the new level of brightness. Luna headed west, towards Children's City. She found a two children outside the perimeters of the city, when a small smirk crept on her face. She would be having a lot of fun today.

There were two boys out near the gate into the city. Luna smirked; this was too easy, if they were the guards. The two boys had thin tails with blue balls at the end of them. She saw two small blue ears on the top of their hair.

Ha! Marill? What kind of guards does Nicholas place outside his city? It's not like they're that strong! Spora snickered arrogantly inside Luna's mind.

They could carry ice moves, you know. Which can freeze grass. Meaning that I... Luna was cut off by Spora explaining what she was about to say.

Could get caught in some ice, and then end up being at the mercy of Nicholas, when they drag you into the city. I get it, I get it. Spora sighed defeatedly. She didn't like it when Luna ruined fun with her logic. However, Luna tried to think some more about how to disable them.

After a few minutes of thinking, Luna thought of something. She prayed that the two boys were slower than her, as they had to be in order for it to work. She decided to put her plan into motion.

Luna walked up to the two boys, carefully pulling her cap over her eyes. Her boots clicked as the two boys were alerted by her presence. They nodded towards her, before she put out a hand for them to shake.

As soon as one of them shakes my hand, I'll release some spores. Luna checked her strategy with Spora. She felt Spora nodding, agreeing with her tactic.

As soon as one of the boys shook her hand, Luna's tail came into view, releasing sleep spores. The boys' eyes widened in shock, before the sleep spores hit them. Luna blew a kiss to one of the boys, before they fell asleep soundly. Luna kneeled, as she began to rummage through the boys' clothing for any useful items. She found a knife in one of the boy's pockets, and put it inside her blue dress. Then, she found another apple in the other's.

Luna walked back to the tower, taking a big, juicy bite out of the apple she had obtained. She felt the knife inside her dress, and she felt the dried blood on the end of it. Luna hadn't killed them; they would probably forget by the time they would awaken.

You could've killed them! Why didn't you take the opportunity to do that?! Spora shook her head as she berated Luna from inside her mind.

I just got whatever I needed to. They didn't put up a fight, anyway. If they did, I would've killed them. You know that better than anyone. Luna explained to the Breloom spirit. Spora, once again, shook her head. Luna simply ignored her, as she kept walking down to the Pokémon Tower. Luna decided to go into Solaceon later, but she wanted to rest for a while. She needed the energy in order to traverse the area, anyway.
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