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    Originally Posted by KoboraX View Post
    Username: KoboraX
    Trainer Name: Issun
    Champion: Steven Stone
    Game(s): LeafGreen

    Thing is, I'll have to hack in the whole team...if that's alright since nothing in Steven's team is avalible in the main story.
    That's fine, as long as you hack them in at their youngest forms.

    Originally Posted by Wheaties View Post
    This sounds like a lot of fun! Here's my entry:

    Username: Wheaties
    Trainer Name: Becca
    Champion: Steven Stone
    Game(s): Platinum
    Welcome to the challenge!

    EDIT: Another update!

    -Stopped Team Rocket at the Slowpoke Well
    -Registered Kurt in the PG

    -Challenged Azalea Town Gym Leader Bugsy
    -Aurora Beam OHKO Butterfree
    -Shirayuki learned Ice Shard
    -Combo of Ice Shard and Aurora Beam eliminated Heracross
    -Three hits of Aurora Beam took down Pinsir
    -Aurora Beam OHKO Yanma
    -Two hits of Aurora Beam took down Beedrill
    -Aurora Beam OHKO Scyther
    -Gym Leader Bugsy was defeated

    -Received the Hive Badge and TM89 U-turn
    -Registered Bugsy in the PG

    -Was challenged by Rival Aizen
    -Ice Shard OHKO Murkrow
    -Bite combined with flinching took down Croconaw
    -Bite OHKO Gastly
    -Aurora Beam OHKO Kadabra
    -Rival Aizen was defeated

    -Obtained HM01 Cut
    -Caught Budew (F, Lv.16)
    -Budew learned Cut
    -Found a mysterious Trainer from Sinnoh in the Ilex Forest apparently doing something unforgivable with an Ivysaur and was bribed with TM86 Grass Knot
    -Once again, the Mystery Trainer from Mr. Pokemon's house blocked progress
    NB: For those of you that didn't figure it out, the Mystery Trainer is Cynthia.
    -Received the Odd Keystone from Cynthia
    -Gave the EXP. Share to Budew
    -Registered Lyra in the PG
    -Registered the Day-Care Man in the PG
    -Registered the Day-Care Lady in the PG
    -Arrived in Goldenrod City
    -Received the Radio Card
    -Budew learned Extrasensory
    -The egg from Mr. Pokemon hatched into a Togepi (M, Lv.1)
    NB: I won't be using this Togepi in my team, I will be catching one later.

    -Challenged Goldenrod City Gym Leader Whitney
    -Two hits of Aurora Beam took down Lickitung
    -Aurora Beam OHKO Lopunny
    -Aurora Beam OHKO Miltank
    -Two hits of Aurora Beam took down Stantler
    -Aurora Beam OHKO Wigglytuff
    -Two hits of Aurora Beam took down Clefable
    -Gym Leader Whitney was defeated

    -Received the Plain Badge and TM45 Attract after Whitney stopped crying
    -Registered Whitney in the PG
    -Saved progress for now


    Shirayuki (F, Lv.32)
    Quick Attack, Ice Shard, Bite, Aurora Beam

    Budew (F, Lv.21) @EXP. Share
    Cut, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Extrasensory

    EDIT: Another quick update.

    -Shirayuki learned Ice Fang
    -Obtained the Berry Pots
    -Arrived in Ecruteak City
    -Met yet another mysterious Trainer, again from Sinnoh and was given TM61 Will-o-Wisp
    -Met Mysteryman Eusine

    -Was challenged by Rival Aizen
    -Aurora Beam OHKO Murkrow
    -Aurora Beam OHKO Elekid
    -Had trouble with Haunter but it was defeated by Bite
    -Bite OHKO Kadabra
    -Stun Spore and Mega Drain took down Croconaw
    -Rival Aizen was defeated

    -Saw the three Legendary Beasts and was noticed by the best of the three, Suicune
    NB: The above is my opinion, I personally do believe that Suicune is the best of the three Legendary Beasts.
    -Defeated the Team Rocket Grunt in the Ecruteak Dance Theater
    -Obtained HM03 Surf
    -Shirayuki learned Grass Knot
    -Shirayuki learned Blizzard
    -Budew learned SolarBeam
    -Saved progress for now


    Shirayuki (F, Lv.35)
    Grass Knot, Ice Fang, Bite, Blizzard

    Budew (F, Lv.29) @EXP. Share
    Cut, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, SolarBeam
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