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I don't think that making your child fear you, which is more or less what you do when you hit them, is a very good way of making them listen to you. If you have to resort to violence to control your own child you need some serious help with your parenting skills. And as mentioned in this thread, there's always the chance that the child will simply become desensitised to it or learn that hitting is the way to get what you want; neither of which will have positive outcomes.

Regarding the whole 'authority figures' thing, the parent should be the greatest authority figure that the child has and if the parent wouldn't do it, the authority figure shouldn't do it. It is the parent's place, and only the parent's place, to use non-verbal methods of discipline should they choose to.

Originally Posted by Jay_37040 View Post
I've said this before on another forum, and I'll repeat it here. If it is illegal to hit another adult for doing something wrong, why then should it be legal to hit a child?
I agree with this tbh - especially since children aren't as able to defend themselves as adults are. Doesn't really make very much sense to me at all that the law basically states that it's alright to hit someone as long as they're young and defenceless.

...although, in fairness, with an adult 'hitting' would be more likely something like punching in the face rather than spanking, which is still illegal with children. I don't really think it should be illegal to spank, even though I don't think it's a good idea, since the degree of violence is far less than would be experienced in the adult world.

Originally Posted by Scarf
Should the punisher have to be the same sex as the punishee?
I don't really see why it would matter.

Originally Posted by Scarf
What if a parent gave permission to a school? (Assuming the school is a place that practices corporal punishment.)
Do such schools still actually exist? If so then... I guess that'd be alright. If both the parent and the school are ok with it and it's legal then there's nothing stopping it, I suppose.
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