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So I decided to end my journey early, as I found my Pokewalker and I really wanted to use that on an actual run. But, not all is lost, as since I'm also nearing the end of my Diamond challenge, I'll use Team Soul 2.0 in the aftergame (:


So I started out and picked the last of the three starters. We've seen Cindy the Quilava and QIAOK the Meganium, so now I present Kysan the Totodile (Male)! Solo'd a bit of the main game with it until I got enough steps on my Pokewalker (gotta love them trampolines :v) and transfered in a Magby (Forget the gender atm ;w;), I also caught a Gastly (Marceline) and beat Falkner after a long stall war. Went south and gave in and caught a Zubat. Didn't want to use one because I would look rather stupid having a Gastly named after a vampire, while I have a bat who isn't named after the vampire. That and Angrykori! didn't get to shine last time. But oh well, it's been 2 years since I've used Zubat so I'm going to use one now, dang it! Named her Samantha and I arrived at Azalea.

Kysan - Male - Level 14 [Torrent] @
-Water Gun, Bite, Scratch and Leer

While being my least favorite of the Johto trio, Kysan has been doing well. Solo'd the main game and the Union Cave.

MAGBY - Unknown - Level 14 [Flame Body] @
-Ember, Sunny Day, Smog and Leer

omg it's animation is so cute ;w;. Obtained by PokeWalker btw. Slow EXP rate is slow though.

Marceline - Female - Level 14 [Levitate] @
-Lick, Spite, Curse and Hypnosis

ADVENTURE TIME! Another one of my main reasons that I wanted to replay Soul Silver was to use a Gastly (and my soon to come 5th team member).

Samantha - Female - Level 11 [Inner Focus] @
-Astonish, Leech Life and Supersonic

Not to long ago I missed 13 Supersonics and when I actually confused the opponent, they never hit themselves. I hate chance based moves with a passion (except Assist and Metronome :3)
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