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Competition: 1-Predict the Future
Description: After years of quickly evolving, Delcatty has grown more fur and has a more practical shaped body!

Username: SoaringSomeone
Competition: #3 - Accessories

Description: This classy lady is ready to steal the limelight...literally! Armed with her own version of the classic "black dress" and two PDA's, she'll break through your systems and look pretty doing it.


Competition: #2 - Item

Description: The times of the Gameboy Color are long past, but with NostalgiaGoggles (TM) you can revert your game back to the palette used in the original games! Key item, pairs up with the GB Player.


Nice entries as the contest goes down the final stretch!

*Buzzer* TIME'S UP
Great job everyone; now it's time to just chill while myself and Spherical Ice score your entries.
Good Luck and Thank You to all who made this year's Sprite to eXcite a Success!!!

Expect winners to be announced in a few days

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