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How dare you make an Ace Attorney club without running it by I, the Ace Attorney Master?! *whipped*

... Moving on, count me in as thus club's most unhealthily over-obsessed member.

Onto topics of discussion...

Favorite Ace Attorney game? ... I honestly can't choose. Each game is gave me a lot of fun, and each game holds endless replay value to me. Asking me to choose which one of my favorite is a crime in itself.

Favorite characters? I'd say Phoenix, Maya, and Trucy. Phoenix shoed such strength through all his pain, and that's something I can admire. He's quick, funny, and impossible to hate. Maya is like my fratermal video game twin. We eat more than we should, we fanperson over our beloved fandoms, love a show outside both our age and gender group... She's flat-out awesome. Plus, she's amazingly deep. And Trucy? Well... even though her development leaves a lot to be desired, she was fun to be around. Besides, she's too cute~ to say "No" to.

Least favorite?
... Engarde. Need I say more?

Favorite case: Case 2-4. Never in my life was I so desperate as to stoop to the point where I think a man like Matt is innocent...

Least favorite case: 4-4. Whilst bringing Gavin down was satisfying, it wasn't a shock after the flashback. It was kind of a letdown for a final case...

Favorite music? "Pursuit ~ Cornered 2001", "DL-6 incident" or "Classroom trial". I find them all very enjoyable.

Character I most resemble? As I said with the favorite characters question:

Ace Attorney an anime? It's already got a manga, so why not? It'd go pretty high on the list of "Greatest things ever".

So, overall, I am a huge Ace Attorney fan (at least superior to all of you amateurs) and I hope to hear more on what will be the two greatest 3DS games. And I certainly hope I find pleasure and enjoyment with you guys.

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