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    Note: I'll be narrating this in first person just for the sake of it.

    Lauren's Log

    I woke up rather late from my bed after an odd nightmare involving a Muk trying to gobble me up. The thought of it still gives me goosebumps. Anyway, rather than talk about this horrific nightmare, let's talk about what happened next.
    I walked down the stairs to find my mom, saying that Professor Elm next door was looking for me. She also mentioned something about my friend Ethan, but I didn't pay much attention. I grabbed my bag, my journal, and some other stuff and left my house, ready to see what that Elm guy needed.
    After leaving and beeing greeted by a friendly Marill, I went inside the Professor's lab. As I figured, he needed my help with something. Not only he wanted me to help with his research by giving me a Pokémon, he also wanted me to get something from a guy named Mr. Pokémon. Shrugging at the weird name, I agreed, as I was going to finally get a Pokémon like Ethan, and went over to where the Pokéballs were placed.
    And then things began to get weird. Out of all the three starters, I decided to choose the green one, but then my head started to ache and everything turned black. When I regained consciousness, I was back at the lab, looking at what three Pokémon to pick. I picked the green one again, and the same thing happened. After the first 5 times this happened, I was beginning to get scared, and decided to pick the one with flames on his back. It happened again. I didn't know what to do, and my heart was starting to beat really fast. I picked the fire starter again, and closed my eyes, but, thankfully, nothing happened. The small Pokémon was smiling at me, and Elm was looking at me confused. He let it go, and told me the coordinates to Mr. Pokémon's house. After that, I got some Potions from the Aide, and my Pokégear from mom. I was glad it was finally repaired, especially after what happened that broke it. But I won't go into details for that.
    As I was about to leave New Bark Town, I noticed a kid with long, red hair looking into Elm's lab. I went closer to him, and the boy yelled and pushed me away. Upset, I left for the first city, Cherrygrove City, with my mind all worked up because of anger. Why were all boys like that?, I asked myself as I walked though grassy areas, WHya re they all so mean? Then I thought about Ethan, how he was never mean to me, and I managed to calm myself down.
    After what seemed like forever, but only took a couple of minutes, I reached Cherrygrove City, and was immediately startled by an old man, who gave me a tour of the city, gave me some shoes for running, and later a Pokégear map card. Weird. I healed Cyndaquil at the Pokémon Center and moved on to Route 30, where Mr. Pokémon's house was. I got an Apricorn box from a kind of lonely man in his forties/fifties, and then continued to make my way to my destination, wondering if people were that weird outside of New Bark Town, and if I would be safe in my journey.
    After going through a small forest, I reached a house, with a mailbox that said it was Mr. Pokémon's place. I went in, and was greeted by both him and a renowned Pokémon Professor, Samuel Oak. I remember hearing him on the radio when I was a few years younger and dreaming of going on a Pokémon Journey. Anyway, I got an Egg and a Pokédex, and I had to deliver that Egg to Elm, for him to investigate or something. Mr. Pokémon then healed my Pokémon and soon I was back outside.
    However, my Pokégear started ringing, and I picked up. It was Elm, and he didn't sound okay. Then he yelled at someone. I knew something was wrong, and that it was time to head back home. I started thinking of that red-haired kid, and got mad again. I arrived at Cherrygrove City, and as I was to leave, the same kid that I was thinking off appeared, calling me a wimp. That was it. Time to settle it.
    He got a small blue crocodile-like Pokémon, known as Totodile. That kid proved himself to be the wimpy one, as I wiped the floor with him in spite of the type advantage that he had. And as he left, that stupid arrogant jerk dropped his Trainer Card, and I finally got his name. He took it from me rather violently and then ran off.
    Soon after that I was at Elm's lab. A cop was there, and accused me of stealing one of Elm's Pokémon. Then I got the pieces together, it was that red-haired kid. Everything was clear to me; however, the cop just wouldn't buy it. Luckily, Ethan barged inside, claiming I was innocent, and saying he saw that red-haired jerk looking into the lab. The cop then asked me if I got the kid's name, and nodded.


    Then the cop left, and Ethan followed not long after that. I gave the egg to Elm, yadda yadda yadda, and then I told my mom I was leaving, and then left. Ethan was waiting for me outside of town, taught me how to catch a Pokémon, and even gave me tools for that. How sweet of him. I calmed down again, and after he left, I thanked Arceus for having a friend like him.
    I got past Cherrygrove, and arrived at Violet City, after many battles and some Pokémon that I added to my team. I caught a Sentret, a Pidgey, and a Caterpie, which was already a Metapod by the time I got to Violet. What I wanted to do was go into the Gym, but this guy told me I had to go up Sprout Tower first. That tower was full of Bellsprout, which were Poison-type, but nevertheless I agreed to go there to train.
    After battling many monks, Metapod glowed and evolved into Butterfree. WIth Butterfree and Cyndaquil, I reached the top of the tower, where the Elder was said to be. But when I arrived, someone else was there as well.
    He had just defeated the Elder, and was being told that he treats his Pokémon in a harsh way. Well, pretty obvious, since he was a big jerk, and he didn't seem to care about that at all. He used a bizarre rope to leave the place, and it was my turn to beat the Elder. I did, and after the battle, Cyndaqui evolved as well. I would have smiles if those Bellsprout statues hadn't creeped me out so much. I left the building as fast as I could, and then it was time to beat the Gym.
    The Gym was quite easy, although I was afraid that I would fall down to my doom on my way to the leader. Luckily that didn't happen, and I managed to defeat Falkner with ease. I got my badge, my TM51, and then I left. After that I got a call from Elm, saying that his Aide was at the Pokémon Mart. I got there, and he gave me an Egg. After that, an odd girl in a kimono talked to me and left. Weird. I walked around Violet City, enjoying the sunset, when suddenly the Egg glowed. However, it was too bright, and I had to close my eyes. When I opened them, however, I was back at the Mart, and the Aide gave me the Egg again. Same thing as when I was picking my starter, I was starting to get freaked out again. At happened three times, but the last time, when I opened my eyes, I was at Violet City, holding a happy-looking Togepi in my eyes.
    I rushed to Elm's lab and showed him the Pokémon. He mentioned something about a Legendary, and then gave me a stone for stopping evolution. Why would I want to do that?, I thought as I amde my way to Violet City again.
    By the time I arrived, it was very dark and my legs were killing me from walking and running so much. I asked Nurse Joy for a room, and she kindly gave me one. I lied in bed and went to sleep, hoping the next day wasn't as bizarre as that one.

    ...My God, that took longer than I expected. I'll post Lauren's team later on, since not much progress was made since that last adventure.

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