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Clare looked around campus, looking for something to do. She decided to go to the city and practice her parkour, she called Kale, "Hey Summers call me when you get into central city, take the train okay."

"K Clare, I'll be there in a few hours or so, I'm going to go sign us up as partners so we can start missions tomorrow." He hung up. Clare looked out the window of the train.

Well it seems we will be here for a few years, great. When the train stopped Clare raced off, she heard over the speakers, "Thanks for riding the worlds fastest train, we hope you enjoyed the ride!" Clare went outside and walked around the streets.

She went to the top of one of the buildings and began roof hopping, she would jump and roll just as she hit the ground, if the building was too high she would jump onto a fire escape. This is the life, I love the city She jumped down onto the crowded sidewalk and rolled, surprising many of the people. When they saw her get up safely they went on with their buisnes.

As she was walking she noticed a couple being robbed, Criminals in broad daylight on this island, wow how lame. "Hey idiots, you know what island you're on right."

"What Re you going to do little girl?" The comment made Clare sigh,"What's the matter little girl you want to get robbed too?" He signaled one of the fiends to assault Clare.

He reached forward but Clare grabbed his arm and moved it behind his back, "Why would you even attempt that?" She threw the guy to the ground and placed her foot over his arm. Clare slipped on her metal knuckle gloves and got into a fighting stance. "No chance to run!"

Kale Summers
Kale finished replacing some strings and tuning their guitars, he was now cleaning up the dorm room. There were three rooms, one for both students and a living room/kitchen area. Bathrooms were downstairs and shared by the dorm. Really hope we get our own room, this place is dreadful. Kale unpacked both of their stuff, that is odd, Clare's gloves aren't in here. He shrugged it off though, he knew it wasn't in his place to question.

He walked downstairs and to the main building, when he arrived he looked for the partner sign up sheets, We should've filled these in like every other student, but noooo we just had to get weapons instead. He had his sword sheathed on his back, a common sight for any student with a sword on campus. He found the necessary papers for sign up. He knew everything about Clare so there wasn't a question on the application he couldn't answer. After he finished he called Clare, it rang three times and he hung up. She must be jumping or training, I am not expected for another hour or two I can visit the training room.

Clare felt her pocket vibrate, she dodged a punch from one of the assailants. I Can't answer that right now, damn it Summers why do you pick the worst times to call. She punched the man in the stomach. She tripped another and did a slide into the shin of the last. She went up to both of them and knocked them out. "Are you two alright?"

The couple gladly nodded and offered to call the police, "Yeah you do that, don't tell anyone I did it though." She climbed a fire escape to do some more roof jumping. I feel like a hero, much better than what I was before.
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