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And here's a much needed first update. By the way, some rules I put down for myself, included with the regular Nuzlocke rules -
1. Each area in the Safari Zone is a unique area for catching. This is for more diversity in the Pokemon I capture.
2. No duplicates.
Let's begin, shall we...

-Started the game, named myself Gold and my rival Silver.
-Chose a Cyndaquil to start it off, named him Inferno. Rash nature, oh yeah. - Delivered the egg and all that story stuff.
- Beat Silver fairly easily.
- On Route 32, I was REALLY hoping for a Mareep. I got a Zubat. Named him Batman.
- Beat the Sprout Tower and grinded up my team (I hate having to use Leech Life for 10 levels. Really, it sucks.)
- Went through the gym and challenged Falkner. Wasn't too hard I suppose, Pidgey went down in an instant and it took some switching and healing to do, but sure enough Pidgeotto did the same.
- Caught a Sandshrew in Union Cave and named her Sediment. Adamant nature, too. Also caught a Rattata on Route 33, named Razor.
- Got a critical hit on a Slowpoke in the Slowpoke Well. That stinks, because I actually wanted a Slowpoke. Also, I beat Proton and Team Rocket.
- Grinded up some more and challenged Bugsy. Wasn't a challenge at all. Thank you, Batman, for having a 4x resistance to Bug and Wing Attack.
- Another critical hit on a Caterpie in Ilex Forest. Taught Sediment headbutt and proceeded to headbutt a tree in Azalea Town. Found myself with Zira the Aipom, also with an Adamant nature (By the way, Zira is a reference to Planet of the Apes. Just so I don't sound completely insane.) Razor died trying to grind, RIP.
- The egg hatched, name the Togepi Jack, and threw him in the box.
- I accidentally killed a Drowzee on Route 34, underestimating Inferno's power. Whoops.
- It seems luck is on my side, as I then caught an Abra on Route 35, named Psijic (Reference to Skyrim). Also, he has a Docile nature and Synchronize, so that's why a bunch of Pokemon on my team have that nature. Oh, and for whatever reason, I've been getting the same natures.
- Beat down Whitney's team with Sediment the Sandslash and Batman the Golbat. I grinded a bit, because I hate that Miltank.
- In another small victory, I caught a Scyther in the Bug Catching Contest. Which happened to have a Bold nature. Thanks, Game Freak.
- After the Rival battle which ended in victory in the Burned Tower, Batman evolved into a Crobat.
- I then battled Morty. Zira used Shadow Claw to pave the way to victory until Gengar outsped her, put her to sleep, and proceeded to wreak havoc with Sucker Punch. RIP Zira. Batman later finished the job.
- Caught Magneto the Magnemite on Route 38. Failed to catch a Tauros on Route 39, because I ran out of Pokeballs. I also caught a Magikarp named Bane in Olivine, to act as a nice Dragonite killer in the future, and a Krabby named Claws on Route 40, to use as a Surf/Whirlpool slave. I then had a grindfest with my now full team.
- Beat Eusine with ease, and then went to the gym. Chuck wasn't all that difficult, thanks to Crobat's amazing defensive typing, and Psijic's new abilities as an Alakazam.
- Cured Amphy so I could get to the Safari Zone and progress the story.
- Caught an Onix named Serpent in Cliff Cave.
- In the swamp area of the Safari Zone, I caught a Murkrow named Shadow. In the savannah zone, I nabbed a Rhyhorn named Wrecker. In the wetlands, I got a Sentret named Tails, and in the wasteland, a Machop named Machoman.
- Currently I'm grinding up for Jasmine.


Psijic the Docile Alakazam
Level 32

Magneto the Docile Magneton
Level 32
-Thunder Wave
-Magnet Bomb

Inferno the Rash Quilava
Level 31
-Flame Wheel
-Quick Attack

Batman the Docile (lol) Crobat
Level 32
-Confuse Ray

Sediment the Adamant Sandslash
Level 31
-Rock Smash
-Crush Claw

Bane the Careful Gyarados
Level 32
-Ice Fang
-Dragon Rage

The Boxed

Jack the Quiet Togepi
Level 1

Buzzkill the Bold Scyther
Level 14

Claws the Gentle Krabby
Level 20

Serpent the Quiet Onix
Level 20

Wrecker the Quiet (lol) Rhyhorn
Level 17

Machoman the Hardy Machop
Level 16

Shadow the Docile (Again, ugh) Murkrow
Level 16

Tails the Bashful Sentret
Level 16

The Deceased:

Razor the Lax Rattata
Level 9
Died to a critical hit from a Spearow while grinding. RIP.

Zira the Adamant Aipom
Level 25
Died to Gengar's Sucker Punch and Hypnosis combo. RIP.

Y Team: Volcarona - Garchomp - Tyranitar - Starmie - Alakazam - Lucario