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Spark started to laugh again, this time cheerily instead of maniacly, she was laying back staring at the ceiling, "I knew you wouldn't do it." She stood back up and dusted herself off. "At least I know what kind of person you are," She sighed and picked up the girls knife, "ok I'll let you follow me, and I won't kill you. I only kill people who form groups, gangs, or try to govern." She gave the knife back, and looked sternly, "If you try to give me one order, even something as simple as pass the salt, and I will leave you without a tongue."

Spark waved her hand, telling Arc to come out, "Say hello to my brother, Barron." What use does she have for our real names Arc bowed to her, revealing the sword sheathed to his back. He did not say a word, following instructions given by Spark.

"You can follow us, I don't know what peace you'll find in this world but you can be as normal as you want around us. As a matter of fact I would suggest it because if you try to attack me you won't live long. Nobody chose to live like this, but you do have the choice of leaving." Spark pointed to Aria's knife, Spark sheathed her own knife, "oh and, for your final question. All I want to do is help the world, and the people I trample over are only fiends and gang leaders."

Aria breathed a sigh of relief when this 'Elizabeth' decided not to kill her. She was right, there was no peace in the world. And she was glad that she could finally act normal. She was sick and tired of being on edge all the time.

"Glad about that. Don't know how much longer I could have lasted the way I was going." Aria said. She felt as though a harness had been lifted from her chest.

Aria picked up the knife and replaced it on her bag, which she shouldered.

"If that is so, then where shall we be headed? I'm open to whatever." Aria said. She looked at the two.

"Well we need to find wire, a new base, and some hits." Spark thought about other things she would need, "We need targets that will get us food, any other payment is useless. If you can find us one then I'll gladly share the reward after the assassination is done." Spark took a sip from her canteen, quiet thirsty. "If you get in a fight run, fights down here turn into free-for-alls and it isn't good to be in the middle of one of those. For now we can wait here, this is one of the lesser used paths" She sat on the ground and ate some bread from her bag.

"So when we leave the underground where do you plan on going, I doubt there's anyone you know who would take you in, at least I should guess since you are down here."

"Well, I have my farm back in Solaceon. Although, I can't promise anything. For all I know, it could have been plundered to a crater in the earth." Aria solemnly said. "If you could get us out near there, we can use some fencing for your wire. That should be most of those things on your list if it's still in good condition." Aria looked over at the two. To her, they seemed in a bit better mood. There was a tiny tremor through the tunnels.

"Good but let me say something to you." Spark sat for a minute, "You think having that spirit is a curse? Well it isn't, and you shouldn't feel sad for having it. You didn't choose to have the spirit, but none of us chose to live in this world. You could easily kill yourself, nobody would stop you, but you not only stayed alive but you've fought to live." Spark pointed at Aria's blade, "I don't know what you want to do, but you better pick a goal or side. You're either saving the world or making it worse now, sitting back is worthless."

"So you have three choices from my perspective, you can rot in some pit or hole, you can help the world and make it better, or you can make the world a more terrible place."
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