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    "Greetings Ryan. If you will follow me, the teleporters are this way." Maggy said as she walked out of the building. Ryan and Yaphaeral followed, and soon were on their way to the city.

    As they got out, Ryan noticed that the few civilians that were on the street seemed panicked. He breathed a large breath of the cool night air, and as they watched him, he recited a summoning spell, which formed a void that a group of ten imps, the General one of them, then sprung out of. Ryan stopped the spell, and the void closed. When he looked around again, the streets were barren.

    Apparently, they think I'm him, which means that he should come running. Ryan thought to himself as he observed the large group of imps that he commanded.

    "We are here today to find and kill a maniac. Your job is to find him, and report that to me. If you can, try to immobilize him, and be warned, he has a Deamon friend, much like Yaphaeral here, but much more dangerous. Dismissed." Ryan briefed the small army. He waved his hand, and the motley crew ran off, splitting into two squads at the first intersection.

    "Well Yaphaeral, now we wait." He said as he walked over to a secluded niche in the buildings, where he started layering protective spells on both him and his friend. He offered to put some on Maggy, but she declined. If there was going to be a fight with another shadow wizard, he would be ready.

    A few moments later, one of the imps came sprinting back. He had quite a few cuts, and one of his ears was missing. A trail of black blood followed where he ran, streaming from various places.

    The imp snapped a salute when he got to their position.

    "We have them partially contained sir! They are attempting to escape, but to no avail yet sir!" He said, yelling every 'sir' louder than the rest of his speech.

    "Got it. Dismissed." Ryan said, and ran after the imp when it took off. Yaphaeral and Maggy soon followed.
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