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    Hey there,
    Hope my application is good enough, been eyeing this roleplay for a little bit and I finally got around to finishing my character's profile.


    Name: Noel Wolfe

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16


    The easiest word to describe Ms. Noel is Rash. Quick to get to action, Noel isn't one to sit and wait for things to happen.

    Noel is very curious, generally going out of her way to find answers to her questions, generally not caring about social obstacles that would block her way. This generally causes her to not care too much about space and to ask very personal spontaneously, frankly she isn't very tactful. If someone knows something she wants to know she'll ask right away taking few to no steps to get to the question. If she wants to go somewhere and the way is blocked off to her, she will try her best to get to find her way to where she wants. No has no meaning to her. Tell her not to do something and she wants to do it, she will do it. It tends to be hard to reason with her to get out of something, though if you do resent a good enough reason, she will listen. She's very childlike in this manner.
    Noel isn't one to be selfish, but she REFUSES to go out of her way for other people, generally only doing things if it has some kind of benefit to her, even if it’s small. She feels it's wrong for others to do things for free and that people should be able to solve their problems with their own effort, be it money or their strength. Of course she has no problem with working with other people or even helping people, but only if she gains something from it, even if it’s something small, like getting from one place to another.

    The main problem Noel deals with is that she finds most people rather boring. After spending so much time with people, she just stops caring about them and drifts away from them. She needs to keep something new in her life to keep her entertained. This tendency causes her problems when it comes time for her to move onto something else, usually due to her confronting those who she is bored about over issues. She usually comes off as tad bit shallow because of this.


    Noel is a fair skinned girl with brown eyes and black wavy hair that she holds back in a ponytail. Noel stands at five foot seven with a curvy but still attractively thin frame that she is quite fond of.The most notable aspect of her face is undeniably her zig-zagging blond bang that covers the right side of her face.

    The outfit she wore for her trip to Hoenn began with a short-sleeved black crop top shirt with pokeball emblem on it's chest, going past her midriff was a red belt that held up a torn piece of white cloth that may have at one time been a skirt or some type of clothing. Under the cloth is a pair of black shorts which lead down to her black socks and red pair of sneakers. Clearly the combination of Noel's clothing is a bit odd but oddly enough when meshed together to forms an overall acceptable outfit. If there is one thing that can definitely be seen through the girl's sense of fashion, it is that she has a good sense of self.


    Noel was born in Castelia City. She rarely left the city and all her world experience comes from the dark alleyways and tall buildings. She was raised by a single mother since she was Seven, after her father left her mother for various reasons. Noel still maintained contact for with her father for a while after the divorce. Noel still came to resent him, which eventually lead to his complete disappearance from her life.

    Life went fairly normally for the girl besides the divorce. She went to school made from friends, dealt with the usual drama girls her age dealt with. Really the only thing that stood out in her teenage life was the way she dealt with friends. She always grew tired of them after a few month and would cut ties with them over a big argument. Time and time again, Noel would express her displeasure with her group of friends, everything she didn't like and cause a big storm that always ended her being excluding from the group. Noel never really cared as she knew beginning the argument that this would be the result. This of course meant that she never bothered to patch up the relationships.

    As time went on, she grew a larger and larger groups of haters which eventually lead to her giving up on really making any friends in school, as frankly basically everyone disliked her to some degree. Of course this breed a certain strength in her, a confident that nobody could really challenge. She wasn't bothered by what people said about her as she knew all the people that hated her and made her decision to not care about those people long before they decided to dislike her. Words meant nothing to her and that became her strength, her person.

    Course having no friends does eventually get to you, though in Noel's case it was just that she was bored. As such, Noel searched for friends in different circles. Unfortunately, history repeated itself and she made more circles of people that disliked her attitude. Course this became an activity that Noel found pretty fun. Find groups of people and learn enough about them until you become bored and end it by letting the group know everything you believe to be wrong with them. It was quite the game for her and is really the only thing that she found to be interesting for her.

    Sadly as time kept going, she grew tired of the people in her city. Noel felt there were only so many types of people in the city and only so many unconnected circles. She started to get a name for herself with kids her age, causing people to be less trusting with information with her thus making her game much harder and much less entertaining. This was when she decided that when her 16th birthday came around she would do something new, that she would give up her silly game and do something a little more productive with her life. Noel decided to try out pokemon training.

    After doing a little research on the subject, Noel decided to take her journey all the way out to Hoenn. One as a means of getting away from all these circles that she has become familiar with and two to try something completely new. Hoenn seemed so foreign compared to her home and it excited her to see the people of this place. She also read that the rules to be a trainer in the Hoenn region were a little less strict than other regions, which further promoted her interest.

    It took a bit of time for her to convince Noel's mother to be okay with this, but eventually she accepted Noel's proposal and the plan was set. It took few month after Noel's birthday to get everything in order, but it eventually came time for her to begin this new chapter of her life.



    Roleplay Example:

    The two pokemon looked forward at the rhyhorn.

    Things really weren't looking good for the pokemon, both the Charmander and Mareep held a weakness to ground type moves, of which are known for having a wide range, and the Charmander in particular had a second weakness to rock moves. Another favorable trait for the Rhyhorn. The two pokemon were also rather young, so they didn't have much of a moveset to counter the frightening rhino creature. Regardless, the fought on.

    The two pokemon appropriately began with an attack from their respective elements: Icuru spat an ember and Virva, a thundershock. The thundershock had no effect on the pokemon and the ember barely seemed to dent it. The grunt laughed at their attempts and responded with a simple command:

    "Rhyhorn baby~ Why don't chu just use magnitude on these runts, I'll go after the kid after you beat them off."

    The rhyhorn nodded and proceeded to stomp the ground and send pulses towards the two pokemon, who instinctively began to run. Through good timing the move flowed passed them into cliff a distance behind them. As an example of the attacks power the clift fell apart, becoming nothing more than a slope of rocks.

    The two pokemon looked back freighted, the attack was devastating and they didn't have anything to counter it. Regardless, they both choose to join this adventure and they were going to do all they can to reach their trainer's wishes.

    "Guys, your special attacks don't seem to do much damage, do a direct attack now!"
    Castor yelled out watching the battle carefully, commanding only off of instincts.

    Icuru followed the directions first and Virva soon followed. As quick as the two pokemon possibly could, the only direct contact moves they knew: scratch and tackle. It was totally ineffective. Taking advantage of the nearby pokemon, the rhyhorn took another stomp using magnitude on the two nearby pokemon.

    It was super effective!

    The two pokemon stumbled a bit and fell down, as the earth began to shake and were eventually bounced high up into the air, before hitting the ground, hard. The rhyhorn then kicked the two pokemon over to the crushed cliff not too far away. Fortunately, it seemed the attack was a low level magnitude and the two pokemon managed to get up, but the attack was still very damaging.

    "This isn't good...this isn't good."

    Castor chanted to himself, seeing how much harm and just how ineffective the two pokemon were against this monster.

    "Icuru, use smokescreen! Virva avoid trying to damage the rhyhorn and just protect Icuru!"

    Castor yelled out as he tried to think of a better plan.

    The grunt just laughed in response, enjoying the battle thoroughly.

    "This is over kid, just give up."


    "I'm sorry dude, but I'm not a kid who gives up. "

    The boy grinned with confident.

    This was all he had left.
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