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    If you're aware of all the scripts working correctly, it might be a problem with the rom I used although it's supposed to be the "mostly-used" one (which you likely did the patch for). Anyway, one thing I "didn't like" was the fact that every single traveler is supposed to travel through the region/world starting from the town you started (by the looks of signs).

    For example, there was that cavern in the beginning of which entrance-signposts said: "...Cavern Entrance" and "...Cavern Exit" or something like that. It would make more sense if they said "...Cavern - Route 1 Exit" and "...Cavern - Route 2 Exit" instead and same goes for every other area entrance signpost so far. But yeah, it's nothing major but just something game makers wouldn't do if this was an official game which it really feels like when you play it. So far, I've enjoyed it!

    One more thing, there was nothing buggy about it but it just felt weird you could see the cutscene of the rival threatening the child from "miles away" the first time. And what might prove my patched rom really doesn't work right, is the fact that most trainers have wrong trainer class names. For example that "Bird Keeper" (which I believe you would have wanted to call him) was a "Ruin Maniac" instead.

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