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Originally Posted by redjacketalchemist View Post
Battled vs pokeskate (loss 0:6)
Battled vs Griffinbane (loss 0:3)
Battled vs BZW Golem (loss 0:3)
Battled vs GolurkIsDaBomb (win 1:0)
Battled vs GolurkIsDaBomb (win 3:0)
Battled vs GolurkIsDaBomb (win 3:0)
Battled vs roosterman (win 1:0)
This battle doesn't count because roosterman has yet to confirm it. I'll add it once he does.

The tournament has officially ended! Of course, any more battles from now on will not count. Congratulations to Griffinbane and GolurkIsDaBomb for completing more than fifteen battles! You two will receive the "winner" emblems once they're available, and anyone who has 50 points or more will be given participant emblems.

Also, you can check out the Battle Center for more battling awesomeness. You are welcome to participate in the Community Night that we'll be having soon (if you're willing to use Pokémon Showdown anyway!). Then again, we might host a few W-Fi tournaments during Community Night if there's a decent amount of people that want it.

But yes, I'd like to thank everyone for participating, and I hope all of you enjoyed this event. Take care!