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    Name : Rambagos
    Partner Pokemon: Turtwig and Ferrothorn
    Password: Torterra, used Leaf Storm :D
    Topic Answer: Grass-types are naturally green. It was my favorite color. All of grass Pokèmon are strong and amazing. I always put a grass Pokèmon in my party such as when I played Pokèmon Diamond. I choosed Turtwig as my partner. After a whole day playing, I always bring my best Pokèmon. They are Torterra and Roserade. Hemmm.. they really helpfull for taking out another trainer. I have a nice strategy when I was using Grass Pokèmon attacks. First, another Pokèmon set up a sunny day. Then I changed them with Roserade. And blast all of the enemy with Solar Beam. Wow, so powerfull! (WoAo)W

    I think thats all. Sorry for messy English xD Please accept me at this club. I'll try to active in this club.
    **I love Grass-Pokèmon**