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    Sorry I haven't replied in ages; in the eternal battle between life and Internet, life had the upper hand all last week, and kept punching me into the floor screaming, "Draw for me! Draw for me!"

    Originally Posted by dracoflare View Post
    Woo!Yet another story from you.
    You have no idea how happy reading those words makes me.

    Originally Posted by dracoflare View Post
    Parallel worlds, talking cat...only you can write stories like this in the Pokemon Fandom. Oh by the way I think I am getting better at finding the hints you throw...I figured it out that the bird is Archen when you mentioned the word defeatist....or maybe you made it easy this time.
    Yes, I was trying to tell everyone she was an Archen without actually mentioning it. I couldn't think of a way for it to come up in conversation until Halley arrived, but I didn't particularly want it to be a mystery. There are quite enough of those already.

    Originally Posted by dracoflare View Post
    As for the whole dual world thing...there are few things that grab my attention.

    Cordelia, Anastasia <--The names are slightly close to Anthea and Concordia, two of N's sisters or servants or something. And the fact that Cordelia remained the same in both world's means...I think I am sniffing something here...oh well I will just hold this one till you introduce the other sister perhaps.
    Lots of people remain the same. Pretty much everyone, in fact - with the notable exception of Jared/Lauren. That's probably where the nub of the mystery lies. Looks like Halley picked the most interesting person possible in Unova.

    Originally Posted by dracoflare View Post
    The world in which Lauren lives seems to be still the same pagan worshiping Unova, based on the narration and conversation while Jared's world is well quite modern. As per the data you have revealed so far one of these two worlds are not real and just a dream. I am betting on the second one to be real..I guess, or this might be a case of a parallel world in which people in one world can see the other in their dreams...which means the dream world might just be a link between these two.
    Well, we'll see about all that quite soon. Since the dual-world thing isn't really the main mystery of the story, I plan to resolve it fairly quickly, or at least clarify it a bit.

    Originally Posted by dracoflare View Post
    Our little Halley seems to have the power to shift between these worlds, which means as a human she might have tried disrupting the dream world experiment or something..........which is precisely why Plasma is behind her, or so I think those people are.

    That's all I can speculate for now. I think you love making people speculate and mislead them...:o Let's see how much of my speculation must be correct.
    Oh, I do, I do. Sometimes you're all so very close, and sometimes so very far away... It's incredibly exciting. Makes me want to write.

    Speaking of which, the next chapter has been 90% done for a week now, and I'd better finish it while I have the time.


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