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Myself and Impo eventually got around to listening to all your entries and I can say that we've come to a decision. n___n

In 3rd place;
Forever! With her original song getting a total of 17/20 points. Congratulations!

In 2nd place;
Olli97! With Fact-Fiction by Mads Langer. You received a total of 18/20 points! Congratulations!

And now, in 1st place;
Kirozane! With Goodbye, getting an astonishing perfect total of 20/20 points! Congratulations!

To everyone else, thank you for competing and maybe you'll do better next time! <3

[If non-placers are wanting to know their points just VM me].

You've made it!

Congratulations for placing 1st in the PCX Singing Contest! Whitney would be proud.

It was in your grasp

Bravo for placing 2nd in the PCX Singing Contest! All Mariah wants for Christmas is your voice!

Don't give up

Don't hold it against me that you placed 3rd in the PCX Singing Contest! Britney tips her hat to you.

Maybe Next Time

Thanks for entering the PCX Singing Contest! Maybe next time you'll win.

There's your prizes, lol.
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