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    Lucas watched as the trainer with the Snivy sprang straight into action. In complete awe, Lucas loved the power of the Leaf Blade, the way Snivy moved and and demonstrated it's power for a small Pokemon was amazing. He looked at Tepig who just got scratched by a Purrlion. 'Ahh! Tepig!' called Lucas as Tepig got knocked back quite a bit. It lifted it's head and gave it a shake. It appeared a little impatient with Lucas not giving it a command yet. 'Oh! I see I have to make you fight!' Lucas realised as he pulled his goggles over his eyes. 'Professor! What moves does Tepig know?'

    Juniper looked at him and pulled out her little notebook. 'Let's see..Tackle, Tail Whip and a very rare move, Heavy Slam!' Lucas looked over at Juniper in confusion. 'Heavy Slam? What's that?' 'Heavy Slam is a move that inflicts more damage depending on how heavy the user is. Unique move for a Tepig!' Juniper explained with a grin on her face.

    'Purrlion use Hone Claws then Scratch!' commanded the strange gunt, as the cat began sharpening it's claws. Lucas's nerves were getting to him, 'Oh God...It's my first's all over nothing...' Lucas thought to himself. 'Tepig! Use Tackle!' Tepig jumped and began running at full speed directly into the Purrlion that was knocked back a great deal. Tepig looked confident as it started puffing embers out of it's snout. Lucas was impressed. 'Purrlion! Use Torment!' Purrlion ran up to Tepig and began tugging it's ears. Tepig was getting pretty annoyed and tried to Tackle again but a black aura prevented it from moving. 'Now Scratch!' the grunt called as Purrlion began getting busy and scratching the poor pig repeatedly. 'Tail Whip Tepig!' Tepig slapped Purrlion with a weak tail whip which brushed her of Tepig.

    Breathing heavily Tepig didn't look too good. Lucas began getting worried, that he wouldn't be able to defend the Professor or live up to Tepig's standards. Purrlion ran up to scratch once more as Lucas commanded another Tackle. Once the moves intercepted Purrlion flung it's other paw at Tepig's chin launching it in the air. Lucas hatched a plan while Tepig was air born. 'Tepig! Now Heavy Slam!' Tepig smiled and screamed it's name as it's body began coating over in a metallic armour. Tepig began hurdling towards Purrlion at a fast speed. 'Purrlion dodge it!' before Purrlion could move.

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