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Originally Posted by DoraDAZ3R3D View Post
Hi, community

I'm DoraDAZ3R3D, but just call me DAZ, or R3D, or don't call me at all, as you prefer... lol
( Long time I don't register in a forum, but I still remember the general code of conduct, so I think I won't create any problem. In case I do, just PM me)

I wanted to get into the world of hacking game, but I am unsure about it, looks like it's a long thing xD (I'm good with sprites, tho, so in case you need a hand... ).
Hello DAZ, welcome to our community.

You made the right choice to come to PC, we're a friendly community with open arms and loads of members who all interact together as one.

I've been into Pokemon since I was 7, there's loads of members here who spent their childhood growing with Pokemon. Pokemon's just one of those franchises that gets you motivated for many years to come. I may be 20 but I still love Pokemon, especially the games and anime.

Since you're seeking interest in ROM hacking I might point you to the Emulation section where you'll have fun with fellow hackers. For all spriting needs, we have the Pixel Art section for that, where you can also share your creations.

Well, enjoy your stay and feel free to contact me or a moderator/admin (bold colored names) if you need help. :3

- Hikari10
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