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    Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
    Welcome Sia, sorry about the Partner list, I was kind of rushing when I did this D:,thanks for telling me :3.Ghost types are truly an amazing type,they know how to pack a punch and can be immune to normal types,there stats are pretty fantastic as well. Hmm,Gengar? I kind of think it doesn't look that much different just a little tinge of blue.

    Get ready to have some fun here alright :D?

    Also to Psystar,maybe Yanmask became a Pokemon after it did something horrible or got into the way of a sorceror,something like that.Their Pokedex entries definitely creep me out and it's horrible seeing them cry when they look at their face.

    I'll consider making it a topic maybe next week or when the old one dies down for a bit .
    Alot of Ghost Pokemon have pretty interesting Pokedex entries. Maybe the topic could be about which Ghost Pokemon have to most interesting or creepy entries. Yamask's cry also sounds very sad and mournful.

    Adding to what I've said on the current topic: I also like Duskull's shiny form. Red looks good on it!
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