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I'm in! I need a good project. I'll be playing on White. I'm going to try to use all Unova Pokemon, so some of my choices don't fit as well as they could have.
Game: Australian Football
Team: Fremantle Dockers
Star Player:

Sawsbuck is agile and light, like AFL players. Also it's a deer, which can jump pretty high like the players do when they take marks.


We don't really have cheerleaders in AFL, so I just picked Liepard because I've never used one and it learns a lot of non-damaging moves.

The team's mascot/symbol is an anchor, so I picked Escavalier as it's a slow Steel type.


The team is based in Fremantle, a port city, so a Water type makes sense, and Seismitoad fit the bill perfectly.


The team originated as the 'working-class' team in Western Australia, and 'dockers' had to move heavy objects around all day, so a Conkeldurr is a perfect fit. It's not because the fans are dumb!


It's an Australian game, and in Australia everything is covered in spines and wants to kill you, so I though Druddigon represented that quite well.

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