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    Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
    I'm not going to further delve into what you mean by, "but there's more to it than that..." since I wouldn't know what to say about it. Would it seem more viable to make a new batch of code that combines both functions into one or do what it sounds like you're thinking of doing (have one refer to the other)?

    I'm just wondering because it seems unfortunate for people to have to choose between one or the other as far as features in hacks go, but it's kind of understandable in this case.
    I'm certainly capable of combining the two, but personally I think it's a very hatchety way of picking what music you want to play. For example, I've already released hacks for Encounter music and battle music. I understand that sometimes, that doesn't quite suffice (like for one off battle tune changes or something), but I dislike anything which relies too heavily on variables. (If only because variables are unreliable in FR due to their nature of sharing memory space with other functions).

    Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
    Actually, the two instances I mentioned are the ONLY ones which that happens for. All other jingles (and songs, for that matter) work fine. In your observations, can a new tune just be put in its place through Sappy alone, or does it have to be of a certain length?

    I seriously doubt my second guess of that question because re-assembling the exact same tune for one of those two instances still causes the same problem.
    In my experience, the jingles play fine, but they get cut short (or the pause after them lasts too long) if their length doesn't match that of the original, but it wouldn't stop it from playing altogether, no. Perhaps the "Song Group" values are relates, since all the fanfares and jingles use 2, 2 for theirs, while all other songs (which I have seen) use 0, 0.

    The song group appears on the assembly page, in case you were confused about that.
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