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    .:Legends of Oxcrest:.

    Me, Myself and I.
    I am DaleH771
    This is my second hack [See Pokemon: Adventure to Empire Isle].
    I am a very busy person, progress is kinda slow and I hate scripting.
    Mapping is my passion with regards to Hacking.

    This Hack?
    This my second hack, Pokemon: Legends of Oxcrest.
    The tiles were inserted by me.
    A hack that focuses on an in depth story.
    A hack that boasts beautifully playable maps.

    The Story, you wanna hear it?
    Ok, so this hasn't been thought through thoroughly.
    So you, your younger brother Simon, and father Malcolm live in Pleasantgrove, along the northern side of Oxcrest. Your mother is away, fulfilling her title as EastPort City Gym Leader. Your father, trusting in you and your brother gives you some of his old Pokemon and sends you on your way to visit your mother. Along the way you will challenge trainers, meet enemies and friends alike and attempt to stop a ruthless group of Poachers, killing and injuring Pokemon for profitable reasons.

    Some features? Ok, well...
    - 8 badges, just like usual, spread across Oxcrest.
    - 8 badges yes, but not all earned in the usual manner.
    - A whole new region.
    - Beautiful tiles & mapping.
    - New mysteries and adventures for the wandering trainer.
    - Revised TM LIST.
    - And many more new bit & bobs.

    Some media? Why not. I have screenshots & a tester video. Check 'em.

    Videos here! -

    Demo Release?
    When I have finished the first segment, if I can find the time. No dates being promised!

    Credits? I guess I should do.
    Tiles - Kyledove, WesleyFG, Giradialkia.
    Tile Inserting - Me.
    Mapping - Me.
    Scripting - Me.
    Everything but designing the tiles - Me.

    Thanks a hoot for takin' a scooby at me hack guys!
    "Smell ya later!"

    Major thank you to Mavy42 for this incredible support bar. Place it in your signature guys!

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    And Pinkish Purple for this also wonderful work of art. Use it people!

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    Demo coming soon!