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"Oh good you're awake, well what happened was that you were flashing your poke spirits around like decorations, and you got some smugglers attention. If I had to guess we are heading to Jubilife to be executed or Eterna to be sold as slaves." Perfect I'm going to have to rewalk all the way back to Oreburgh.. "Can you see? I need you to describe the condition of my brother and the truck, I think it is a storage truck, seeing as we haven't been told to shut up."

Spark tested the chains, she didn't have enough power to break them with Arc asleep, she knew Arc could break the chains much easier but he was out of it. "I bet it feels nice being to weak to break the chains, must feel normal huh." Spark was trying to keep the girl focused, Spark had no idea if she was panicking or not.
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