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ihavenoheadahh (Altaria) @ Leftovers
Careful nature
252 HP / 228 SpD / 28 Spe
- Dragon Claw
- Dragon Dance
- Roost
- Earthquake

Altaria switches in; absorbs a Fire Gem boosted Eruption (41% max); set ups a Dragon Dance while being hit with HP Rock (34%); uses Roost twice to heal and with its Flying-type gone, HP Rock deals pitiful damage (17%) (Altaria now has 83% full health); dances with the dragons again; heals once more with Roost; and lastly, Altaria proceeds to 2HKO Camerupt with a +2 Earthquake (62% min). edit: I didn't even count Leftovers, oh well.

Choice Specs Altaria could be used as well, but Draco Meteor isn't a guaranteed OHKO without entry hazards.