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For an AI looking forward, why not do the opposite of the AI does? What I mean is, in Pokemon Essentials, the AI checks for moves, type advantages, etc. So why not so something similar-ish, but on the player's side? so check the players energy to attacks, types, etc. just an Idea

Also, in terms of effects, why not define the basic ones with parameters(e.g. Many cards have multiplication damage, based on coin flips. So why not have an effect of, flip a coin x times, attack does Y times the number of b. So the function code, if I'm not mistaken, assuming the code is 012, then coin is getting flipped twice, and it is times 50, and it's based on heads, then the code would be 012(2, 50, true). Not sure if valid though) It's just an idea, but would really help save space