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Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
I'm certainly capable of combining the two, but personally I think it's a very hatchety way of picking what music you want to play. For example, I've already released hacks for Encounter music and battle music. I understand that sometimes, that doesn't quite suffice (like for one off battle tune changes or something), but I dislike anything which relies too heavily on variables. (If only because variables are unreliable in FR due to their nature of sharing memory space with other functions).
I completely get that. In fact, it makes sense to me considering that this "GB Player" routine is, essentially, just a more widespread version of the single tune switching routine seen in Shiny Gold. It does seem more useful than single tune switching, though, considering that the games today probably use completely different playlists for day/night tracks (or the poor man's GB Player/Sounds item in HG/SS).

(If I just angered any DS music hackers out there because of my incorrect notions, I'm sorry. I do intend to check out hacking for games on the system sometime soon.)

EDIT: I just took a look at your code, and it does seem quite helpful for its stated effect. Of course, it won't help for those one-off situations that you mentioned, especially for scripted Wild Pokémon battles. In that case, it would only negatively affect legendary scripted battles, as standard scripted battles work fine with the "dowildbattle" command. Could a similar routine change which Pokémon get attributed to the legendary music instead of the R/S/E trainer battle music?

If this question is getting too off-topic, feel free to PM me.

In my experience, the jingles play fine, but they get cut short (or the pause after them lasts too long) if their length doesn't match that of the original, but it wouldn't stop it from playing altogether, no. Perhaps the "Song Group" values are relates, since all the fanfares and jingles use 2, 2 for theirs, while all other songs (which I have seen) use 0, 0.

The song group appears on the assembly page, in case you were confused about that.
Yeah, even considering everything you just said, I'm still having the same issue. I started a new game and raised a Charmander to Level 7. The fanfare didn't replay for the "CHARMANDER learned EMBER!" message. I'm using Sappy mod 17.1 for this. The new music appears in blank data and relates to the same song numbers as the base game counterparts. And the 8-bit tunes take up MUCH less space than the ones used in the standard game; duration doesn't seem to affect a thing, just size.
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