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Spark sighed, severely angered. Instead of doing as she said Spark sent enough electricity to knock Aria unconscious, right before she started passing out Spark whispered menacingly, "Be lucky I didn't kill you, nobody gives me orders. Now we can go on with the show." Spark could see her eyes slowly close then she felt another sharp pain on the back of her head and lost consciousness again.

Spark awoke tied back to back with Aria, Arc was tied to a pole on the opposite side of the prison. More chains, great. Spark nodded to Arc, they had been captured like this before and he knew the drill. "Hey sleeping beauty are you awake, I'm sure you'd love to get a look at your lovely castle." Arc as working the chain off his wrist, it would take about three minutes. "If you can hear me then here's the real plan, we go out and kill the leader of the gang who captured us and gave me this headache. You can either run or help me, though running probably won't be a great idea if we are in Eterna since they have other kids like us."
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