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So I collected pokemon cards from atleast 4-9 years old, and I have a pretty decent collection. I have a whole section in my book dedicated to holographics, crappy ones, potions, and whatever else there is that I cant remember....
I have a full book, with the exception of about 20 pages missing that I never got to fill up because my parents stopped buying me cards . Twenty pages isn't anything compared to the full size of everything that is in it though.
I have the one mew card that got released for people that only went to see the movie, but it is in pretty poor condition because I'm pretty sure I found it laying around somewhere, or someone gave it to me.
I am taking it into a store tomorrow or the day after to get looked at, and will most likely sell it. It will be hard for me to sell it though because it was a huge part of my childhood, but I really want to start saving up money...
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