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Deoxys changes form freely as well. Arceus can use all 16 plates. I never said that they follow all the rules of the game but how can they have any information on Pokemon without Gamefreak assisting them?

TPC runs everything in Pokemon, games and Anime and through them Gamefreak assists with movies. You also have Pokemon that aren't known about in movies a generation a head. How would a group that are supposed to be separate from the anime know about Pokemon that Gamefreak hasn't released?

Ken Sugimori works prominently as an artist for the games, but also creates artwork for the TCG and the Anime. Ken is one of them that helps create Pokemon and is part of Gamefreak if not then involved with them.

A lot of the concept art we got during the beginning of the release for various Pokemon were from Sugimori's Anime drawings so he worked with the Anime department as well.

They are all a close enough group that works along side each other.

Anime doesn't have to have the same standards as the games or follow all the same rules, but all the info is generally the same. Not to mention they use the same artists.