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    The first thing that Ryan noticed was that the wizard's Deamon was stronger than expected, and had escaped the Containment Field that the Imps had set up. It proceeded to cut the Imps to ribbons with it's scythe, moving around the circle.

    "Hey! Why don't you pick on someone your own size!" Ryan yelled, nodding to Yaphaeral, who sprinted over to it. Ryan was too occupied with the wizard, who had also escaped, to see any more. The Imps, their Field now useless, joined Yaphaeral against the more powerful Deamon.


    Yaphaeral ran up to the Deamon, who turned around to come face to face with the enraged Deamonic Humanoid. Yaphaeral extended his claws, and proceeded to slash away at the surprised fiend. He was soon joined by the imps, who held the Deamon in place while others decided to demolish his scythe. Soon, when they were left with nothing but the metal blade, Yaphaeral grabbed it from him, and stabbed the Deamon's head with it.


    Ryan started chanting a spell that formed a large orb of dark matter over his head. He threw it at the wizard, who was knocked back. Ryan then took his distraction to summon another Imp, this one in full armor and wielding a scimitar, who proceeded to attack the wizard, focused more on being a distraction than a way of seriously hurting him. Ryan started chanting once again, this time focused on a longer and more complex spell, and soon a shroud of dark energy enveloped the wizard, and held him in place. The Imp, its work finished, dissolved into the Deamon Realm. The wizard tried to resist, but Ryan simply tightened the bond until he stopped.

    "Yaphaeral! I need you to come get this guy!" Ryan shouted to the Deamon, who had finished with the wizard's fiend. He walked up to the wizard, and beheaded him with one claw, which retracted.

    "Alright. That's it. Imps, you are dismissed back to the Deamon Realm." Ryan said, and snapped a quick salute at them. He then proceeded to clean up the dead bodies, destroying them by setting them on fire.

    "Well then, shall we get going?" He asked Maggy, who silently led them back to the Teleporter.
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