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Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
Also, it seems I posted a new chapter just as you posted your review, so... enjoy!

My timing, it is eternally impeccable. F.A.B., Thunderbird One. Also, I am incredibly pleased to hear of your appreciation of Matthew Reilly. One of my favourite authors, for sure; what he somewhat lacks in storytelling and finesse, he more than makes up for in pure tension and blistering action.

And I appreciate the history/geography lecture. A few things make a lot more sense now.

So, ah, Chapter Three. I first want to mention the one thing that stuck in my mind from this chapter: Liepard's voice. Holy hell, that thing scared the pants off me. The way you described it lent it exactly the quality you wanted, I think, and it is a particularly vivid description that made me shiver. Actually, the Liepard in general freaks the hell out of me. Fabulous.

At any rate, we've gotten both exposition chapters done, one in each world, so I guess we're on to the meat of the story. Definitely an enjoyable chapter, though not quite as much seemed to go down as in the first couple. It goes without saying that I'm curious as to what the Green Party want with Halley, and what the 'artefact' is, yadda yadda yadda. But to find those out, I can only wait - and wait I shall, with bated breath.
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