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Spark rubbed her face, "Arc send a clone after her, make sure she doesn't get lost." The longer she lives the more people they'll send after her and I can find the gang leader. She found her dagger on the man Aria had knocked out. "We'll need to find your sword."

Spark knew the city well, being a slave tends to burn itself into ones memory. She knew where their armory was and knew where the gang leader would be. I'm sure that he will be in a tavern drinking to his success. They arrived at the armory without much problem and even killed the guards. Spark was calm though, Arc asked her why she wasn't angry, "Well because that girl punched me. This time she didn't hold back, she didn't plan anything out. She also made herself a target, people won't be looking for us. Remind me to thank her."

Spark walked around, There isn't much here, I wonder why. Spark looked through all of the weapons, supplies, and other objects. She took some wire and another knife, she looked hard for his sword though she couldn't find it. Eventually she found something better than a sword, "Hey Arc look what I found." Arc came back glowing brightly because he had found his sword. Spark ignored it and showed him the crate full of explosives.

"We can rig every tavern with this, killing a lot of gangs." Arc lifted the crate and Spark found a large amount of wire coiled behind it, "Whoah, it seems like they had a similar idea, there is no way we can leave here without destroying their supply." After some tinkering she managed to figure out how to link all the bombs with wire, she reasoned electricity from her would be the trigger.

They went around setting up the explosives, eventually every tavern was rigged. Spark warned them all to stay away from the wall. She ran the wire, linked to all the explosives, outside the city. She noticed Aria and called out to her, "Hey thanks for punching me, want to see your celebration surprise?"

Spark put a current through her dagger and tapped the wire, she held it there feeling herself getting drained. After a few seconds (seconds that felt like hours to Spark) the explosions went off, not destroying the city but definitely destroying the taverns. The amount of power it took to power all of the explosives was too much for Spark and she passed out.
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