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Great sign ups, guys! I suppose I should edit in my reasons for choosing my team as well. I intended on it originally, but what better time than now...!

1. Star Player: Conkeldurr
Big and buff like a football player, amirite? :D I don't know who I'll name it after. I should name it Ha-Ha after Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix. That's an awesome name lol. Was also considering Trent.

2. Cheerleader: Lilligant
She's cute and pretty and looks more like she'd be on danceline, but she's definitely cheery! I mean, she makes me happy! Plus I couldn't honestly think I'd play White without Petilil/Lilligant, right?

3. Mascot: Donphan
Closest to an elephant I'll get for Big Al!

4. Band: Altaria
Learns some sound based moves I like (Perish Song in particular) and also, our marching show this year is "I'll Fly Away" so what better Pokemon could I choose to represent my band! :)

5. Fans: Smeargle
My original username here was SilverSmeargleSplatter. But this Pokemon not only represents me as a fan, it represents a lot of fans in many sports! You know! The fans that paint their faces and bodies! XD

6. Sponsored by: Victini
Victini represents victory (duh) and not only that, but my Victini is unique in that I'll be using the movie Victini, with Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare, so it really stands out and makes the team shine.

I'll update the list~!

omg I just realized I'm using four of my favorite Pokemon for this challenge haha. Gracious.

vacationing in unova for a month! see you soon!