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    I'm afraid there is no -master-, for we are all master(s). :3
    Anyway, welcome you too! Glad to have ya~ <3

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates Engarde. ;-; That bad ol... bastard. Yeaaah, I hate Redd White too. About as conceited as Richard Wellington. :x One could argue that's how they are great, but... I dunno. I hate em. :3

    By the way guys, there's an interesting article about AA5 and AA vs PL riiight here (click!). Not much there that we havn't learned already, but it's interesting to note that there's a new in-court gameplay mechanic, which in this case, appears to give Phoenix insight as to how the witness is holding up emotionally while testifying. Sort of like Apollo on how he 'precieves' with his bracelets, but.. a tad different.

    Still, I really hope that they'll still use the Magatama. ;-; Nothing beats the Magatama, imo.

    Speaking of which... I have a question for you guys:
    What is your favourite truth-telling mechanic?

    By 'truth-telling mechanic', I mean the things that sort of 'forces' the witness to tell the truth as long as you have the right pieces of evidence, or answer a question right..

    Well, actually, to my knowledge, there is only 5 of these, so I'll give you the list:

    Phoenix's Magatama (Psyche-Locks)

    Apollo's Bracelet (Perceiving nervous tensions during testimonies)

    Edgeworth's Logic (basically putting together pieces of information and how they're related)

    Edgeworth's Logic Chess (basically, you're in a conversation with someone, and you try to 'outsmart them' to make them slip out some pieces of information. If you get some information, then your 'chess piece' will knock over the other person's piece, until you get a checkmate.)

    Or just general cross-examination (presenting evidence, and pressing)

    If I'm missing any others, please feel free to tell me. @[email protected]

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