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Originally Posted by Archer View Post
Using the same adjectives, I'll assume you we're referring to my post. I was agreeing with you and referring to Opera. IE9 is fine. The rest of the post should clarify that.

I will add that, while I love Chrome for other platforms, it's rather poor for iOS. Apart from being slow (and having a fat address bar in view CONSTANTLY) it tends to have poor memory management, especially on the iPad, where I can only assume the pages take up more memory due to the massive resolution. This means that if you have more than a few tabs open, they will reload if you switch away from them because it can't hold all of the tabs simultaneously. The same goes for Incognito mode - it reloads the tabs when you switch modes. Safari doesn't suffer from this.
I was talking to everyone hating on it just because it's "IE". I was actually happy to see someone agree that IE9 is fine. :D
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