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    Originally Posted by Jay_37040 View Post
    When a parent punishes a child for doing something wrong, that punishment generally includes a restriction on their freedoms. This alone for a child is a pretty good reason not to do whatever it is they did again. In the case of stealing, for example, a parent could take away a child's favourite toy for a time and then sit down with the child to drive home the message. Only after the parent is satisfied that the child has learned the lesson is the toy returned.

    There are many ways to properly discipline a child and instill in them a sense of what is right and wrong without having to resort to violence. And yes, spanking is a form of violence. In my view, it is only the lazy parent who has to resort to hitting their child's behind to drive home a lesson.
    Well, I agree, for the most part, but that punishment doesn't give a clear enough message to the child that will deter him or her from repeating the activity.

    The discipline must be more stringent. If a parent takes a single toy away for a very brief time as a punishment for theft, the magnitude of the action is not completely realized. I would treat the child more adult like, yes it will make them feel bad for a short while, but it is necessary in order to raise children with work-ethic, respect, and and appreciation for the many things that they have. I think a more appropriate form of discipline would be to take the toy away for a set time, like two week or a month in addition to extra chores. If you do something that you know is wrong, then you will face harsh consequences, rather than allowing the child to state their error, since the lesson is not completely learned. Therefore, it helps to solidify and follow-through with a punishment to convey the message that we cannot simply talk or apologize our ways out of facing a consequence in the life. Many parents will resort to physical punishment rather than following through with this type of discipline that requires consistent and firm parental oversight, since many parent try to use a non-physical method and fall short because they are erratic and lax with the rules that they have put in place.

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