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Alright, here's my decided team!

Username: Curious.
Game: Pokemon Pearl
Sport: Surfing!

Star Player:
Being a water type and a pokemon inhabiting the tropical region of Heonn, not to mention it's sleek designs and ability to surf on water exceptionally well, Swampert was my prime choice here.

Groovy, charasmatic - just like any cheerleader should be I opted for Jynx. With a reasonable speed stat it was a wise choice for me here.

Ludicolo, cheery, bubbly and definitely a pokemon that'd prefer to live in the warm climate by rustling oceans and tropical forests, not only looks like a tribal dancer, but looks like a mascot suit.

The Band:
Loud, courages and full of energy the choice of Exploud is quite obvious here.

A pokemon that represents me, I'd consider myself somewhat intelligent and as many know I like to have things in perfect working order, somewhat like a machine. XD; And when watching surfing, I'd rather be at home nice and dry instead of being wet and tired.

Sponsored by:
Breloom Industry, putting the real cut in cutbacks.

Don't know if our favourite teams had to relate on the team we'll be using in-game - but mine isn't; anyhoo, my favourite team (The team I for in the AFL) is the Richmond Tigers.
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