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    Originally Posted by xxbamxx View Post
    Nope haven't done that, not sure where to look. I've ran around the whole map looking for new things such as caves, burrows, new people, and haven't seen anything different. Also realized I haven't caught Latias yet (time consuming trying to find it in wild), and Latios if it's possible.
    Someone in Whitewave City will give you a key,this key can help you to open a door and start the event of Shaymin,and if you really have talked to each person of each place,you must know there's a mystery man callled "Expert S",after you defeat the E4,you'll find him somewhere,his secretary will give you a Rotom,as for Latios(Only avaliable for male player)and Latias(Only avaliable for female player),you can find one of them in the deph of Halfleaf Cave,but first,I suggest you to download the newest Version 1.82,because there's some bugs which can make Latios/Latias event doesn't work.
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