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Doesn't Screech count as a sound-based move?

Sign up form:
Username: 11wildy
Game: Ruby

1. Star Player

This one at least looks like it can play volleyball, and it would be hella good at it!

2. Cheerleader

This guy is speedy, and always ready to cheer you up! It is also able to learn Belly Drum for some extra power to the team!

3. Mascot

I wasn't sure about this one, but I think our teams mascot is some kind of lazy bear. It looks like that to me at least.. :p

4. The Band

This guy just makes so much noise, it's a band on it's own! No wonder a lot of people use this one for the job. :3

5. Fans!

The reasons for this one? Well, I get agitated pretty easily when things don't go like they should, so an agile bird would represent me pretty well.

6. Sponsored by...

Well, I didn't know a good sponsor, but this one would be me when I'm actually playing, since i tend to change mood extremely, based on how things go during a game. They better go well, or else... But it seemed like it would fit the team anyway ;D