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Treecko is my favorite Pokemon so I must join!
Hey there! O hai!
Are ya gonna spread the love? Yeah of course. The Treecko family is the best around.
Who ya wanna be? Treecko, as stated he is my favorite Pokemon.

How is Grovyle's and Sceptile's (originally) signature move, Leaf Blade, to you? Does it appeal to you? Do you use it a lot, or do you think it just looks cool? Or both? Tell me what you think!

I like it a lot. It's a very strong Grass-move and fast move. It looked rather cool in the anime, but much in the 3rd gen games. It looks alot cooler in Gen 5 since it looks like an actual sword made from a leaf. I teach it everytime I play my Sapphire or Emerald and use it pretty often and now to the Snivy line in White.
im back