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Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
Yeah, sorry. The next release will be the entire part 1, so it'll be much longer.

I'll be posting the pics in a couple of hours. They lead up to everything I've completed and played through thus far. Note that pictures of Atem's events won't be in the post because it's been moved to a later part in the hack. I've still got a fair amount left to play through but everything up until the end of the hack Has been edited. I just need to play through it to see if it works. Then, Tajaros just has to add some big epic events, insert the cries, and we should be done.

I'll be posting very soon. Homework comes first though. ^.^
Can't wait for it... Go you stupid time.. Pass !!!! Also why not add characters like Paul, Iris, Cilan or even Tracey