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I've whittled it down and my top 5 are:

1. Venusaur - The Pokemon of life, harnessing energy from the Sun and uniting the plant and animal kingdom, its fragrance becalming all that come near. It could strangle you with its vines and spit deadly poison on you if it wanted to, but it would rather make you stoned with its "soothing fragrance". The first and still the best.

2. Gyarados - When the creator of Pokemon asked his designers for a vicious sea monster, they could have produced nothing better than Gyarados. The most p'd off face in all of Pokemon, it could be mistaken for being pure evil. However, if you read its Pokedex entries carefully, you'll find that Gyarados is an anti-war hero, cleansing the environment from violent people. "They say that during past wars, Gyarados would appear and burn everything to the ground with intensely hot flames. The hyper beam it shoots from its mouth totally incinerates all targets. There are records of this Pokemon's rampages lasting a whole month." Gyarados, you may not be a non-violent pacifist, but we salute you for your attempts at creating world peace.

3. Giratina - 2 great formes, it's a dragon and a ghost, unique, powerful. It has everything. So badass, it was banished to another dimension.

4. Garchomp - Another Pokemon with a bit of everything. Blades, claws, spikes, shark teeth, aerodynamic design to fly at speeds equal to a jet fighter plane.... and it's resistant to electicity. And it can breathe fire. And it can jab you with poison. And it can swim. And it can dig underground. There is no escape from this tyrant.

5. I could have picked any of Haunter, Weezing, Swampert, Exploud, Metagross, Dusknoir or Gliscor for this last entry but instead I've chosen a Pokemon more frightening than any of those. A rare Pokemon, underappreciated and forgotten but if you ever were to come across one, it would be a scar in your memories. I'm talking, of course, about Lickitung. Name origin: Lick - touch with the tongue, Tongue - muscle in mouth. Its tongue is connected to its tail, almost 7 feet long, twice the length of its body and can be moved like an arm. Its sticky saliva grips anything, and its licks can cause paralysis. Appearances can be deceptive, because inside that pink and yellow blob are some internal organs that can produce ice, fire, water, electric, poison. It can heal itself from anything in a second and has mastered psychic abilities and martial arts. It's heavy enough to create rock slides and earthquakes, but fast enough to make the opponent see double. Possibly the most dangerous of all Pokemon.

What are your top 5?
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