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Originally Posted by Zet View Post
Actually IE9 blocks 96.6% of malware, while firefox and chrome block under 5% of malware.
Great, I was expecting someone to provide Microsoft-based query =)
This is prototype of Microsoft-based query that only shows how Microsoft can affect anything they want =) There's nothing legitimate about provided link =)

Originally Posted by Zet View Post
If you going to say IE, please provide a legitimate reason. Saying it's slow and clunky, and doesn't have a good rendering engine is complete ********. Learn to use IE9/10, and then come back and provide an answer... and that answer would be that it's great.
Slow, ugly, crashing, isn't updated, cannot be customized, still crappy tab browsing (seriously "opening" new window of IE when you actually open new tab? How AWESOME O.O). Should I continue?
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