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@Siiadams: You've been approved. Congratulatoins and welcome to the RP. c:

@Everyone: I just heavily updated the "Available Classes" spoiler on the first page. (It is now known as NPC Classes) It had not been updated since... forever, really. I don't think I've really maintained that spoiler since the RP was handed down to me way back when.

A lot of classes have been added. Every type now has a specialist. (Though I had qualms about adding a dark-type specialist, because as you may or may not know... dark types and their trainers tend to be horrible role models. I wound up ignoring this and adding Grimsley, who is /still/ a HORRIBLE role model.) The 3rd Gen teachers have been updated with their BW2 sprites. OC trainers have been removed and replaced.

Some teachers have gotten new jobs. Some teachers have had their jobs changed. One or two lost one of their classes to another teacher.

More BW/BW2 teachers have been added. Alternative teachers have been added for certain jobs. I recommend everyone give it a brief pass over if you're remotely interested, because you're allowed to request I give you a class (I do not garuantee you will get this class however.) and you're allowed to visit these teachers for help after class.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~