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    I've played this hack up to the point when you get fly, and I'm disappointed by it.
    Idea sounds interesting, and it has a lot of potential, but majority of it was wasted.

    First of all, as, someone said before, there are glitches everywhere. Strength move which has infinite number of moves, legendary birds which don't disappear after catching them and have pressure ability and are situated on rock tunnel, and so on, and so on. About rock tunnel will be more later.

    Secondly I expected some more creativity in blocking the way. I saw on screenshot that road to Virdian city was blocked by old guy, but I thought that it was one time joke. Oh boy, I was wrong.

    -Random old guy, who block a way (three times or more), and says that he won't move until I get another badge. Really, you couldn't think of something else?

    -Randomly appearing mom, when there are long routes without healing spot. I don't ask for hotel or rest house like in emerald, but even lemonade stand would be more logical.

    - Doors blocked in a way, that looks completely silly, like Cycling Road and south entrance to Saffron. It just look awful - even to me who have no high standard on mapping.

    - Trainers. Hiker who has not typical pokemons, without any explanation. I don't ask for logical explanation, it could be even "SLUGMA wants me to have fire pokemon!", but hikers are supposed to have rock/fighting pokemons.

    - I'm not against adding new moveset to pokemon, but leaving them with only struggle? Or that particular trainer near diglett cave with those ponytas? It's too much.

    - It would be a better game if trainers texts would be appropriate to their surrounding and pokemons. You left majority of them untouched, and sometimes they sound stupid.

    - Some trainers are glitched, and in rematch, by vs seeker, they've got weaker pokemons.

    - You changed type of many pokemons, but haven't removed stupid evolution requirements (like trade)?

    - Rock Tunnel.
    After getting to power plant I saw blocked pokecenter, and thought Ha, ha very funny. Still I have plenty of lemonade, all pokemons have some moves, and next city is close. I can do it!
    And then I went through ledge, and overwrite my state save. It was bad idea. Thanks to glitchy arcticuno at the begging of nugget bridge I had.
    50 level primeape with around 2 pp of earthquake, sky uppercut and low kick, and infinite strenght
    43 level sheninja with 1 shadow ball. Almost full fury cut and screech, and few confuse rays.
    49 level flygon with few dragon breaths, crunch and signal beam. And lot of faint attacks.
    40 level metang, which I was planning to train here by exp share. (It sure got a lesson of life.)
    Blastoise and Swalot with no pp left for agressive moves.
    About 10 lemonades, no PP restore items, and trash tms.

    AND I MADE IT. (Mainly thanks to quick save/quick load and paralyzing by dragonbreath, BUT STILL!)

    But it's not the problem. It isn't even a problem that it was completely unannounced.
    The problem is that you ruined map of city, only to deliver one overused joke about rival.

    To sum up, Idea is decent, but realization is bad. Still it's not the worst hack I've seen here, and I've even see worse hacks getting nomination or something. I know you won't change this hack, but maybe my opinion would be helpful in future hacks, probably not LOL.
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