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    Full Name: Kitai Hikari

    Nicknames: Kit

    Sex: Female

    Age: 16

    Family: Sacred Fire

    Career: Musician (for extra money)

    Appearance: Kitai has a body of a young woman, her skin is a common tone (for actual people from America, though this is japanese-ish), and she has long blond hair and dark blue eyes, the hair in a ponytail. Her usual outfit is a pure white kimono with golden sparkles and a golden swirling design. On her feet are crimson sandles, and on her head is a white bow allowing the ponytail to stay in place. On her back is Shinseina, her weapon, and a brown bag that holds her harp she uses to put out her job as a musician.

    Personality: Kitai is a calm and collected girl who is a master at the harp. She is VERY close to her Gardevior, and the two will move in sync at times. She is very loyal to her family, but does not see the point in fighting. All she want is peace between the two families, and Kitai secretly plays her music to 'send a message' to everyone, by trying to calm them down if anyone fights. However, when it comes to her fighting, she doesn't go easy on the enemy at all. Inside, she is strong, determined, and wanting to win. But Kitai will only fight if the attacker does something horrible, like trying to kill without mercy, or attacking helpless people.

    History: Kitai was taught to play the harp at a very young age, as was Tekina (while a Ralts) with the flute. They would practice in the forest often, playing for other pokemon. Eventually, a young boy named Hikaro and his partner Ponyta heard their music, and met Kitai and Tekina. They became good friends, and met in the forest every night.

    One day, Kitai had come to the forest, and Hikaro was not there. While walking through a bit, they noticed Hikaro seemingly dead. While looking closer, Kitai was relieved that he was alive, but was severely hurt, as was his Ponyta. A few Ariados then fell from the trees. Kitai was scared, making Tekina fill with rage and making it evolve into Kirlia. It fended the attackers off, and Kitai took Hikaro and the Ponyta to safety.

    After Hikaro and Ponyta had healed, their meetings continued as normal. Eventually, Tekina fully evolved into a Gardevoir. Now Kitai and Hikaro are fully grown, but still continue to meet up like when they were children.

    Skills: Harp playing

    Flaws: When something irritates Kitai, she kinda...yeah...does that count as a flaw-ish thing?

    Weapon: A golden scepter named Shinseina.

    Pokemon: Gardivior

    Pokemon Name: Tekina

    Pokemon Personality: Tekina is like Kitai, calm and collected. Another catch she has from Kitai is that she will only fight if someone else gets severly hurt, or if someone attacks helpless people.

    Pokemon History: Tekina, as a Ralts, was born at the same time as Kitai, making them instantly companions.

    Pokemon Specialty: Flute playing (to help with Kit's musician career)

    Pokemon Flaws: Tekina keeps trying to convince Kitai to try the flute at least once, which can annoy the girl.

    Proof of Reading: I ALWAYS read the first post to both determine the rules and find out what the RPG is about. You don't have to worry, trust me.

    Anything Else: The bond between Kitai and Tekina is unbreakable, therefor, they can understand eachother and comunicate telepathicaly. Also, sometimes when Kitai does something, Tekina imitates it.
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