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@Leaf Storm: Yes, you're allowed to use NPC teachers freely assuming they aren't already being used. You can even choose to apply for an NPC teacher and take them up as your teacher character so that only you can use them. Alternatively, you can use them on and off as you feel fit without applying. (You can even have an NPC teacher go interact away from your characters.)

Just be careful to avoid doing something /completely/ out of character. If I see Cynthia acting like a jerk or Grimsley pretending to be misunderstood I might have to jump in and put a stop to that.

The exception is champions, who you need permission to control, but only if they're going to be battling. (I am worried about Pokemon Mythology, as that class is hard to teach.)

If you're ever in doubt about a certain character's actions, bring it to me.

@Everyone: On a related note, I attempted to give characters fitting roles more deeply appropriate to their personality and skils. For instance, /nobody/ has more right to be teaching Pokemon Mythology than Cynthia. (She is like the Pokemon version of Indiana Jones combined with Tony Stark except female, I swear!) Clair is also a good deal stronger than your average gym leader in lore. (Though whether she should've been made a General Expert like the champions is up for debate~ Perhaps you'll seek out answers IC!) The four therapist teachers were chosen all for different reasons related to their personalities as well. I restricted myself purely to game and anime knowledge, demonstrated by the fact that Pryce even works at the school.