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    Hello PC,

    I have a proposal to requisition a reputation system, like what other forums have. This would help members identify more helpful individuals, and provide an incentive to posting good, well written posts. Thus, it'd boost productivity here on the PokéCommunity. The intention of personal reputation is to thank or acknowledge a specific member for something they have done, rather than a post they may have made. You can only leave positive personal reputations. You may also leave a comment when giving personal reputation. This would be accomplished utilizing a system that "ranks" individuals based upon their experience and/or knowledge in that particular subject, idea, or so on and so forth. For instance, Joe could have a rep. of 7, meaning he has accumulated over 3000 "rep. points", which in turn symbolizes Joe's compassion and understanding on the forum.

    Now, to give Joe his "rep. point"(or whatever you want to dub it as), you would visit Joe's profile, and click a new added icon (similar to the report icon) that will add a "rep. point" to Joe's total "Reputation".

    Some users may find my idea reductive. If one wishes to disagree with my thoughts, so be it. Just explain why.

    I also understand that this idea may not happen overnight if the moderators/admins find this desirable. Coding and web programming is a hassle. However, if this were to come into effect, I for one, would find it very effective.

    Please, share your thoughts with me.

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