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1. Gallade: I like how its design incorprates the Psychic type (physical similarities to its pre evolved forms) and Fighting type (blade arms, a crest that resembles the helmet of a gladiator) nicely.

2. Porygon-Z: A glitched-up Porygon2 with the head floating upside down.

3. Empoleon: It may not look like a Steel Pokemon, but it does appear to have a solid body and razor-sharp wings, as evidenced by the fact it learns Metal Claw. Its "tuxedo" reminds me of The Penguin from Batman and its beak-like trident reminds me of Poseidon/Neptune.

4. Samurott: It looks significantly different from its pre-evolved forms, why? Because it looks more like a samurai than its pre-evolved forms, simply put; Oshawott and Dewott just have the weapons of a samurai.

5. Excadrill: I like how it can fold itself into a drill, to put it simply.

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